Cybercondriacs and Technology

The age of technology has exponentially made available to us the amount of useful information that can better influence our decisions, as well as open the door to many opportunities. However, while it is tempting to use the Internet as sole source of information, it can also be dangerous.

There are many reputable sources of information on the Internet, however for every site that is legitimate; there are others that are not. For this reason, most information that is found on the Web should be taken with a grain of salt. Additionally, while there are instances where patients have been able to cure their mysterious ailment by searching the web, medical professionals spend years in school to better understand the biology, chemistry and physics of how the body works, and are therefore still the best source of diagnosis and treatment.

Hypochondriacs are people who always think they have some serious sickness. However, the Internet has provided them, as well as others with a new avenue to make a self diagnosis.

Self-diagnosis is very dangerous in that treating the true cause of sickness can be overlooked and proper, effective treatment could be postponed. This can lead to much more serious problems as well as the onset of new problems.

Also on the Internet, information could be false or partial. Misleading information or partial information can lead to a misdiagnoses, but it can be good because it starts conversation with the doctor.

Aside from the fact that information on the Web is quick and convenient, the rising cost of health care has lead more people to treat themselves at home. Studies also show that nearly 80 % of adults who are online go online to look up health information. The most popular searches are to look for a diet pill online, and other items associated with the best way to lose weight. Product reviews are also popular. Such reviews include hoodia reviews and reviews on other herbal remedies.